OakieBees is slowly starting to get requests from retail stores that want to buy some of our titles in bulk. 

But we can only offer them books that we have in-stock in larger quantities. And, because retailers and libraries will expect a 50% discount off the cover price, earnings on bulk orders will be lower. 

To be included, authors must agree to the following: 

  • Earnings from bulk orders will be 35% of your cover price (you will still earn 50% on individual sales)
  • You must send us at least 250 units to keep in-stock to start
  • Storage fees of $0.05/unit/month will apply (authors who have printed through the IAPC pay only $0.03/unit/month)
  • Storage fees will be deducted from any earnings you may have. If you do not have earnings, we will provide a payment link

We will pay all postage to OakieBees customers. 

If you would like your books to be included in the list of titles that are available for bulk orders, please fill out the form below. We will then send you a PO for 250 units. 

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