An OakieBees Exclusive! Everyone's Favorite Rocks, Together in One Incredible Box Set

The Best Box of Rocks You'll Ever Get!

In an OakieBees exclusive, you can now get this beautiful box set, complete with three hardcover books from the wildly popular "You Rock!" series, plus 2 fun sheets of exciting stickers. This set the perfect gift for every book-loving child, expectant parent or elementary school teacher, with three best-selling books bundled together, including:

Ricky, the Rock that Couldn't Roll

The original classic, beloved by children, parents and teachers alike!

When the rock friends (and one wise little ladybug) get together to roll around their favorite hill, they discover that one of their friends, Ricky, can't roll with them. Unlike all of the other rocks, who are all round, Ricky is flat on one side. Determined not to leave their friend behind, the rocks set out to help Ricky roll - one way or another!

Ricky, the Rock that Just Couldn't Rhyme

Ricky's next big adventure is just as much fun as the original! 

Ricky's school teacher gives the class an assignment to write a story using rhymes, But Ricky doesn't know how to rhyme! As Ricky and his best friend, Tess, leave school for the day, Tess is determined to help her friend learn how to rhyme. Will Ricky figure it out? Will he be able to complete his school assignment? You'll never guess how this story ends!

Tess, the Tin that Wanted to Rock

Meet Ricky's best friend, Tess - the newest member of the "You Rock" group!

When Tess, a tin foil ball, rolls onto the hill and meets Ricky and the rest of the rocks, she immediately worries that she's too different from everyone else - she smaller than the rocks, and she doesn't roll as fast. But when the rocks get lost in the woods, will Tess discover her own way to shine, and become a certified rock star?

...Plus Two Free Sets of Stickers!

Your child will love these two sticker sheets! The first one features a wide variety of scenes from the books plus many of their favorite individual rocks. The second sheet includes dozens of that lovable ladybug, along with three "You Rock" sayings!

These sweet, imaginative picture books, each written in verse and uniquely illustrated , brings a fresh set of characters to life in three super fun stories, highlighting important messages such as friendship, perseverance, believing in yourself, teamwork and more. Most importantly, each story is incredibly imaginative with ageless characters and adventures - your child will read them over and over again!

Get the Set Signed by the Author

In another OakieBees exclusive, when you buy this special box set, you can have it personalized and signed by the author, Mr. Jay at no extra charge. Just let us know in the Notes section in the shopping cart who you want the box signed to. 

A personalized autograph from the author can turn this box set into a certified collectors item that any child will keep forever.

Great Set at a Great Price

Priced at just $34.95 (30% off the cover price), you get three amazing "You Rock!" books for the price of less than two. Plus, you get the two free sheets of stickers, and a beautiful gift box to keep your collection safe and looking its best. 

All three books in the set are 10"x10", hardcover and include a dust jacket. Box set includes two sheets of stickers!