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  • Free standard shipping on all orders over $20 in continental US

  • All orders ship within 48 hours

  • 30-Day return policy

  • Ships from and sold by OakieBees.com

  • Free standard shipping on all orders over $20 in continental US

  • All orders ship within 48 hours

  • 30-Day return policy

  • Ships from and sold by OakieBees.com


Add your books on consignment to OakieBees.com and increase your chance of sales success:

  • OakieBees primarily features books by indie authors and small publishers 
  • Reach a large population of parents, teachers and librarians
  • Upload lesson plans to help turn your book into valuable teaching tools
  • Earn more per sale than you can earn on Amazon 
  • Monthly payments on your earnings
  • Marketing and promotion opportunities 

With our consignment option, you can sell your books on the OakieBees store with a low inclusion fee and without having to supply a large number of books to get started:

Account Set-Up Fee (Unlimited Titles): $20 (One Time Fee)
Minimum Inventory to Get Started: We'll Send You a Purchase Order for 10 Units Per Title 
How Much You'll Earn (Per Unit Sold): 50% of Cover Price
Fulfillment Fee: None


Getting started is quick and easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Purchase your space in the store from this page. Please leave quantity set to "1".
  2. Once purchased, you'll be able to download a PDF with instructions for creating your OakieBees.com account and uploading your books to our site. 
  3. After your books are uploaded, we'll send you an initial purchase order for 10 units of your books for us to keep in inventory and fulfill early orders. 
  4. Your books will be available for sale immediately.


The IAPC will make all payments to authors and publishers on the last day of the following month. For example, if you earn $100 in November, you will be paid $100 on the last day of December. 


Your earnings are based off of the cover price of your books, but we reserve the right to set the sale price and periodically change it at our own discretion. 

As we recognize increased demand for your books, and your initial inventory. becomes depleted, we may issue new purchase orders for varying amounts. It will be your responsibility to fulfill these purchase orders in a timely fashion, and at your own expense.   

All POs are for consignment purposes only, and will only be paid for based when purchased by store shoppers. 


  • You have the distribution rights to the title you want to sell, and deliver items to us in a new and satisfactory condition; with no infringement or misappropriation of any copyright or other intellectual property or rights.
  • You have an ISBN number that is printed on the book and a scannable barcode printed on the back of the book
  • OakieBees may, at its own discretion, choose to remove your book or deactivate your account for any reason, particularly if we find that your book infringes on another's copyright, promotes hate or violence toward others, etc. 


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