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Mr. Jay: Best Selling Author, and Founder of

I am passionate about books and writing, and love that I can share that passion with others - particularly kids. Because when it comes to my work, the only thing I enjoy more than writing new stories is visiting schools and libraries and reading them to children of all ages. There's nothing better than knowing that I've been even a small part of instilling a love of books in little kids, especially as they are barraged by smart phones, video games and other distractions. 

My books are meant to be fun, character-driven and entertaining, with beautiful artwork by some of then most talented illustrators in the industry. And each has a moral, or lesson that I believe is important for kids to learn at an early age, ranging from friendship, self-confidence and perseverance to keeping a positive attitude and thinking critically. 

I currently live in New Jersey, and draw much of my inspiration from my wife, Amanda, and my two kids, Bria and Oakland. 


The Bear and the Fern
Do Pebbles Eat Chili?
Pretty Loved (Hardcover)
The Great Letter Rebellion
Have You Heard the News?



About My School Appearances

I run two assemblies: for K-3, I do a spirited reading of my book, followed by an interactive talk about the themes of the story and a finally a Q&A. For grades 4 and up, I do a slightly quicker reading, discuss about the writing process, and then conduct a short writing workshop primarily focused on how to write lyrically, and again ending with a Q&A session. 

Rates: $750 per half day + book sales

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