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A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze: A Rock Cycle Adventure (Award Winning Science Book)


Dinosaurs, sneezes, science, and more!


Martin's adventure begins one evening when he (how do we say this nicely??) sneezed all over the dinner table! But did the adventure really start there? Oh no! It actually began more than 65 million years ago!


Martin takes you through the rock cycle, starting with a T. Rex, some dust, and passing oceans, volcanoes, and mountains, but still making it home in time for dinner! A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze is a children's book that takes you through the rock cycle with dinosaurs, humor, a crazy skink, sneezes, volcanoes, and more!


Written by a science teacher, it brings basic Earth science topics to life with vivid story-telling and fantastic characters.

  • Introduce the rock cycle (and processes like erosion & sedimentation) with dinosaurs!
  • Find 3 types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous, & metamorphic)!
  • Perfect for rock and dinosaur lovers, classroom teachers and librarians, and homeschoolers!
  • Watch out for asteroids, volcanoes, and a crazy skink along the way!
  • Unique end pages include the types of rocks, featured dinosaurs and other animals, and more!
  • Fun, lyrical text!
  • Surprise ending!
  • Brilliant skink character!
  • Beautiful, large, hardcover book is fun to read for all ages!
  • Perfect for classrooms and homeschool!
  • Already loved in homes, classrooms, and libraries in eight countries and more than 40 US states!


"This book is fantastic! It combines so many things that kids love and can relate to, then explains the rock cycle in a very engaging way! I love that it rhymes because it rolls of the tongue when reading!" --Meaghan Jackson, mother of 3 boys

"Both entertaining and educational!" --Best Childrens Books

"Perfect for children of all ages!"  --Jeana Kinne, MA, Early Childhood Development Specialist

***** Readers Favorite 5 Star Award *****
***** Eric Hoffer Award Finalist *****
***** Purple Dragonfly Award STEM Honorable Mention *****
***** DinoDad's Stomp Award *****


From the author: 

"This is the book I always wished I had when I taught about rocks and the rock cycle. Beverly Cleary once said, 'If you don't see the book you want on the shelves, write it!' I am so delighted to have done just that, and I love seeing it entertain and teach in homes and schools!" --Carla Mae Jansen, MA, Science Education



Grab your copy today...and watch out for the dinosaurs!



Bonus: For a free 5-day dinosaur-themed "STEM Camp" from the author, click here!


Product Details
AUTHOR NAME Carla Mae Jansen
COVER TYPE Hardcover
DIMENSIONS (HXW) 11x8.5 inches
ILLUSTRATOR NAME Natasha Kostovska
ISBN NUMBER 9781735042701
PUBLISHER NAME Turtle Trails Publishing LLC

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