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The amazing #1 New Release on Amazon - a bewitchingly colorful adventure rhyme book for those who still believe in magic. In short rhyming verses, Itchy Witchy Magic takes young readers on a magical full-moon night journey (that ends somewhat abruptly when a tree gets in the way of an out-of-control broom stick ...)

But read for yourself!

Do your little ones like fairies? Unicorns? Magic? Adventure? Bright, colorful pictures? Activities? Coloring-in? Puzzles and mazes? Then this book is for them!

5-star reviews:

What a fun read: Kids will enjoy finding something different each time they read it. The activity features at the end of the book are a real treat.

Magical: An enchanting book filled with magic, mystery and fun. The engaging story, delightful illustrations and fun rhymes will have you spell bound.

Cute: What a cute book. My daughter and I loved the pictures with the story! We loved doing the activities at the end!

Witchy Magic Fun: Absolutely lovely illustrations! It is a perfect book to teach rhyming words. I will definitely use this book in my classroom.

Lovely rhyming story with beautiful illustrations: My kids enjoyed this story, and it was well written in rhyme with very colourful and striking pictures. My daughters were mesmerised with the page spread with the rainbow, castle and unicorn and loved all the activities in the book.

a witchy dream: This book is so much fun! From magic to adventure to activities at the end of the story, my kids were enchanted by the book. A little flying adventure story makes everything fun until we meet a big old tree. Well written and great illustrations, children from four years will be enjoying this book over and over. Magic awaits you.


Why should I buy a rhyme book for my child, students, loved ones? Rhymes teach children the essence of language and are an essential tool to help with a child's language acquisition and speech development. Rhyming is important for writing, too, as it can help children understand that words that share common sounds often share common letters. When listening to rhyming poems, children create a mental picture, expanding the imagination. And because rhyming is fun, it adds joy to the sometimes daunting task of learning to read. Take your little ones on a magical adventure today!



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