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Colorful Candy End Pages. Your little one will want to eat each piece right off the page!


Put on your candy making hat and find a conveyor belt; 
there is work to be done!

Wally dreams of becoming a candy maker—just like his dad, his dad’s dad, and his dad’s dad’s dad. Today is his first day of work, he is officially a candy maker and you are too!

Join Wally and friends! Together, let's make candy! 

Side columns add a unique concept of engagement on every page. Discover kids' answers to a variety of topics while acting out the steps of working at Sweet Mountain Candy Factory. 

  • Actions create an interactive experience to laugh and play together. A space to feel happy! 
  • Questions facilitate joyful and memorable conversations. Document the answers for your own history!

Spark a love for family history at a much younger age! Catch Wally's excitement and learn about those who came before you. Define words like legacy, Family Tree, and tradition.

Two customized recipes in the back that kids will love making together. Stretch, roll, sprinkle, and hammer in real life! Work alongside each other, in your own kitchen, to create not only lollipops and taffy, but fun memories!

*Bonus wisdom within Wally: Brainstorm by using your imagination to think critically, follow a step-by-step process and understand logical order by counting with numbers, learn how to respond with empathy and kindness, and discover we all need help from one another. Plus a fun sneak and find hiding through the pages!

. . .

This story was created during the rigmarole of bedtime as a way to get our young children's "wiggles" out. In our home, this story is told with LOTS OF ACTIONS. The children take turns lying on their stomach, pretending their back is the candy factory conveyor belt. The other family members pretend to mixstretch, roll, sprinkle and hammer the candy!


I hope this story brings as much conversation, excitement, movement, and laughter to your home as it has to ours. xo

. . .

“I’ve never seen a kid’s book quite like this."

"Most interactive children’s book I’ve read.”

"Playing and reading!”

"Different each time we read depending on the questions we ask or actions we do."

"Encourage discussion with kids."

"Each time you read this book will be a new and different experience!"


Product Details
AUTHOR NAME Meghan E Christensen
COVER TYPE Hardcover
DATE PUBLISHED November 11, 2019
DIMENSIONS (HXW) 11.02 x 0.25 x 8.5 inches
ISBN NUMBER 9781733459501
PRODUCT WEIGHT 14.9 ounces
PUBLISHER NAME Meghan E Christensen

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