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What the World Needs Now: Trees!


In the tropical rainforests of Indonesia lives an orangutan named Jefri. There are lots of reasons Jefri needs trees. And it turns out, people need trees just as much as Jefri for many of the same reasons.

What the World Needs Now: Trees! explores the universal connection people, plants, insects and animals share with life-giving trees.

Endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, Founder- The Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace
"This is a delightful book with captivating illustrations. It presents the vital role played by trees to a young audience in a way which will captivate, educate and inspire many to join the global effort to protect forests. And plant trees."

This book is eco-friendly!

All books in the What the World Needs Now series adhere to the highest standards of eco-printing, produced using 100% recycled paper, biodegradable lamination, vegetable-based inks and carbon-balanced printing. To offset emissions generated from manufacturing and shipping, the series contributes to the World Land Trust.

More on the series

What the World Needs Now is an environmental children’s book series for ages 4-8 that aims to connect the world’s youngest book lovers to the importance of nature, and our place in it. Each book in the series follows a friendly animal through its habitat, helping kids learn about one thing the world needs now, be it more trees or bees or less plastic, to maintain a healthy planet.

The series is designed to help parents and educators lay the foundation for future learning about the world’s environmental challenges. But for our littlest kids, the connection starts at a much simpler point: their first job is to fall in love with nature - because you don’t protect what you don’t love. The books support engaging with our kids on how we can better respect and care for the only planet we have.

Other books in the series:

What the World Needs Now: Bees!

What the World Needs Now: Less Plastic! (coming soon)

About the author

Cheryl Rosebush is a former Canadian journalist who has spent the last decade writing about forest protection and climate change for international organizations including the United Nations. Cheryl is committed to promoting better ways of living on this beautiful planet—one audience at a time. Learn more at and

Expert Book Reviews

“This book is a welcome contribution to the growing literature of children’s book about our exquisite world. What is most notable is how the authors incorporate a subtle yet powerful form of emotional intelligence in the storytelling…” - Dr. Renée Lertzman, Climate Psychologist, TED Talk: How to turn climate anxiety into action

“What the World Needs Now: Trees! is a wonderfully crafted, beautifully illustrated story that parents, caregivers and teachers can easily share with our youngest children… to help them understand what we have, what is at stake… and how each of us can help.”- Harriet Shugarman, Executive Director,, Chair, Author: "How To Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change, Turning Angst into Action"




Product Details
AUTHOR NAME Cheryl Rosebush
COVER TYPE Softcover
DATE PUBLISHED November 2020
DIMENSIONS (HXW) 8.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN NUMBER 978-2-9574620-0-1
PUBLISHER NAME Cheryl Rosebush Communications

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