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How do you answer this question, when a child is ‘from’ multiple countries, can speak and understand many languages and is not living in the country they were born in?

'All the children of the world united. We're going to solve this riddle, they decided.'

Join the quest and find a universal answer to the question 'Where am I from?'.

Children from seven countries each have a turn to answer in their own way. Each answer is correct, and yet still not the whole picture. When the youngest takes his turn, he shares a different view, one that has nothing to do with borders on a map.

Children love to see the diversity of the world that is beautifully portrayed using real-life graffiti art that is unique to this book.

Adults love the message: we all come from the same place!

Get it NOW and encourage your child’s global mindset!

About the Author

The trickiest question you can ask author Elisavet Arkolaki and her family is ‘Where are you from?’ because they are from everywhere! Passionate about travel and inspired by global learning, Arkolaki raises her own children in between countries, cultures, and languages. She writes to build cultural understanding and sensitivity in young children while they are still eager to learn.


“A read that will capture hearts and minds!” - Natalie G. Owens, USA Today Best Selling Author  

Love love love the flow. It's so organic and authentic... it's just like a classic! - Aunty Sab, author of 'We're the new Superheroes'

Wow! I want to buy a book please! It's a Lovely story! The book is written with a pedagogical approach to learning, and useful for kids coming from all different cultures and backgrounds. I want to have this book and use it in my classroom. Love it! - Lill-Edel Wilhelmsen, Pre-school teacher with 27 years experience in schools in Sweden and Thailand

A short story with a big message! The author has dared to ask the age old question “where do we all come from?” and she has answered it in such a way that the reasoning and her train-of-thought can be followed by children. The way I see it, this story has the potential for helping children understand cultural differences and could even be used as a therapeutic tool in developmental psychology. - Camilla Fredriksen, Psychologist, Sykehuset i Vestfold, Norway

It's a fun read, multicultural, and teaches kids how we are all unique but inherently the same. I also like that the story is delivered in language that a child would use. - Daniela Grech Sultana, author of 'Katrin and the Rainbow Fountain'

I am so excited to see this project come to life. I am drawn into the concept and the theme of the book and am delighted to see an abstract yet realistic part of our children's lives explained to them in such an organic yet understandable way... it's pure magic. - Lorinda Mamo, Graphic Designer, Creative Director and Lifestyle & Parenting Blogger at www.abirdwithafrenchfry.com

I love the idea behind 'Where am I from?'. Not only does it answer childrens most burning question, but it also manages to introduce different cultures and nationalities with the use of a few well-chosen sentences. The rhythm and repetition throughout will also make it a firm favorite with younger children (and the parents who will have to read it multiple times at bedtime)! - Maureen Saguna, Independent Content Writer

Storytelling in class should encourage asking questions, make way for discussion, arouse curiosity, and make sure the students have fun and are very engaged and interested in the story. Without a doubt, Elisavet makes sure that 'Where am I from?' brings all this in class and more. Looking very forward to introduce my students to this amazing book! - Antonella Grech Gili, Primary School Teacher at St Albert the Great College, Malta

A hugely original book for kids, family story-tellers and teachers. The tale is funny, authentic and tenderly touching. It promotes unity and cross-cultural understanding with no big, didactic words. And street art illustrations are such a brilliant idea! As a granny of multi-cultural, trilingual kids, I can't wait to read it and discuss it with them.” Polymnia Kossoras, Author of 'The Burning Midnight Sun'


Product Details
AUTHOR NAME Elisavet Arkolaki
DIMENSIONS (HXW) 200 x 200 mm
ISBN NUMBER 978-99957-96-11-2
PUBLISHER NAME Faraxa Publishing

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